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Authority and Friendship: The Basis of Good Dog Education. You can train your dog not to bark or growl. You may find various tips on how to modify your dog’s behavior in this article. Puppy education is important. What do you want your puppy to become? Training your puppy takes time. Imagine what goes through the mind of your pet dog. Try thinking like the dog thinks. Showing who’s in command is the key to good canine training. Don’t let your dog outsmart you. Never let the dog get its own way with you.
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Dog owner should know how to encourage their dogs. Laying down is one of the easiest commands to try at first. Make sure your dog sees the motion of your hand. A dog uses its nose to follow the hand of its master/trainer. When he sees your hand, he will roll. This is the time the dog learns to associate hand signals with a verbal command. After several repetitions use only verbal commands only and remove the hand signals. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, don’t give up.
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Express you love to your dog whenever he succeeds. This is how to make your dog understand that he has succeeded. Using rewards can make a dog understand when it does right. One important technique to good training is to slowly let your dog sniff your hand. This way, your dog becomes familiar with your scent. Once the dog gets to know you more, it will do anything you command. No training program should be without key reinforcement as a major tool. Rewards for success is the most important key reinforcement concept. Petting or giving doggie treats helps to reinforce good behavior in your dog. Your dog associates the rewards with its success or good behavior. Your dog needs to learn to keep still when you say the word “No!” Discover good strategies in training your pet dog to obey. You need to make the dog understand what “No!” means. So while the dog is schooling you need to demonstrate what the verbal command “No!” means. No two dogs are alike, and each responds to commands depending on its master/trainer. The goal of training is to get the dog to always do what you command. Always call your dog by its name. Puppies respond positively to a given name. Calling a dog by its name creates a good bond between it and its trainer. Give your dog a name that has a distinct sound when called out loud. This article shows that dog training is not a complicated matter. You need to have a good attitude in order to be successful in training your dog. With the right technique, any dog is capable of becoming obedient.