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A Perfect Wedding with the Help of a Perfect Date Card

Getting married is one of the most memorable experiences in your life!

In fact, couples plan their wedding months before or even years before their target date. The only lacking is the guests! So how do you invite your families and friends that will guarantee their attendance and will not decline your invitation? In order to do that, you need to come up with an informal invitation or a date card that will give them important details of your wedding day.

Date cards are not your typical invitation wedding card that gives you more detailed information about your wedding. A date card will only inform you of the day of the wedding and who will get wed. So how will you make a date card that will convince your guests to attend?

There are various ways to make a date card. But before having it printed, make sure you already have the details on your card. Of course, the most important information that must be seen in your date card is your names or nicknames, together with the date of your wedding and the venue. You can also add minor details such as the motif of the wedding or what to wear when they attend. The size of the date card depends on your design and it is also just a piece of card. You can also include the RSVP with your contact details so as to confirm if the guest is coming or not. The number of date cards that you are going to send out depends on you and your wedding’s budget.

Once you have drafted the details, the next thing to do is to make the card. You can do various things to come up with a date card of your choice. You can just give this task to your wedding organizer since they also cater to this type of service. Most wedding packages include wedding invitations and date cards on their package inclusion. What you will do is to check the designs that they are going to present to you and just choose the design of your choice.

Another option is to make it on your own. If you are a creative person, you can just design the card and purchase the materials that you are going to need. If you make your own date card, you are actually showcasing your talent and at the same time, it gives a more special feeling for the guests that will receive it. But the only thing about this is that it takes a lot of your time to finish. Aside from personalized date cards, you can also make use of photographs or even postcards for your date cards.