How and Why a Retained Search Firm Tends to Deliver Better Results

Working with independent recruiters is one proven way for businesses to find and sign the talent they need to compete and succeed. While there are many success stories to look to for inspiration, there are also some fairly common complaints.

Many of these can be traced back to relationships with recruiters that tend not to serve the interests of clients well. Recruiters who are simply seeking commissions will sometimes be motivated by incentives that do not faithfully reflect what their clients actually need. Retained search firm relationships, therefore, often turn out to be significantly more productive.

The Right Incentives Make Success Much More Likely

Whereas recruiters working on a commission basis can end up spending much of their time trying to create the illusion of a fitting match, recruiters who are retained for the duration of a search will inevitably be more focused on serving the needs of their clients. The incentives in most such cases, in fact, will line up quite precisely with the goals that businesses most usually have when seeking to fill important positions.

In particular, recruiters who are retained instead of motivated by the pursuit of a commission will hope to deliver impressive enough results that their services will be sought out again in the future. Whereas a commission focused recruiter will generally adopt a far more mercenary take on things, those who are retained throughout a search will seek to understand and accommodate the interests of their clients.

Better Matches and More Worthwhile Results

In practice, this will typically mean ending up with candidates and hires that also serve a company’s goals and needs much more effectively. Instead of merely checking the various boxes in terms of skill sets and background, candidates discovered through retained search services will tend to much more accurately reflect what a company actually requires.

In the end, this will generally mean being able to rely on a recruiter with much more confidence and security. Instead of always wondering just how forthright and transparent a given recruiter is being, counting on a recruiter as a true partner becomes a lot more practical. That can make the often difficult work of hiring an important new member a lot easier.