The BenefitsTo Replacing Metal Halide Lights With LED Bulbs

LED light bulbs continue to grow in popularity as advancements in their quality are made which allows them to mimic standard light bulbs more closely, and while they are more readily used in residential applications, more and more large companies are choosing to utilize LED bulbs in their facilities. There are many benefits to using high bay LED Fixtures in commercial applications, but many business owners are still leery of making the switch. The following is a quick look at just three of the most compelling reasons to ditch standard bulbs as soon as possible.

Instant-On Technology

Metal halide lights must warm up before they reach their full brightness potential, with some models taking up to 10 minutes to achieve the maximum light output, and cold temperatures can nearly double the time. LED bulbs provide instant-on technology, which means no waiting for a space to be well lit. Avoid the delays that are common with bulbs that are slow to warm up, when LED bulbs will be ready to light an area in a matter of seconds.

Less Heat Transfer

Standard halide bulbs produce a significant amount of heat, with bulbs reaching upwards of 200 degrees during operation. This heat is then transferred into the area which can lead to a rapid increase in the temperature of the room. LED equivalents produce only a small fraction of that amount of heat and remain safe to the touch even after several hours of operation, which can help keep a space more comfortable in any weather.

Energy Savings

The most notable benefit of using LED bulbs is that they can save money when compared to standard halide models. In addition to requiring as much as 90 percent less energy to operate, they also have a lifespan that is nearly four times as long. This can prevent high utility bills and limit the number of times that the bulbs need to be replaced, which can have a dramatic effect on a company’s bottom line.

Standard bulbs are being phased out by companies of all sizes, as more organizations choose to use LED technology. Consider making the switch to help save money and do something good for the environment by reducing the overall carbon footprint of a company.