Ways to Use Promotional Items During An Open House

A business owner that offers a catering service can inform the public about the food items and beverages that are on hand and additional services that are available by hosting an open house on their commercial property. During an open house, promotional products can be utilized to identify staff members. Promotional products can be given to visitors as a token of appreciation for their support. The following suggestions offer ways to use promotions during a public gathering.

Colorful Lanyards And Identification Cards

Lanyards are constructed of woven fabric strips. The ends of strips are sewn together so that material can be hung from a hook or worn around a wrist or neck. If a catering business has a mascot or distinct symbol that is used to advertise a business, lanyards can have graphics printed on them that will match decor inside of a business.

Identification cards can be hung from lanyards so that employees are easily recognizable during a social function. An individual’s name and job title can be added to each identification card to education visitors about each staff member.

Matching Uniforms

If staff members are required to wear a uniform while performing work duties, dressing in matching garments will provide staff members with an organized appearance. Cotton or polyester shirts and pants that have stitchery added to them or cotton t-shirts that have pockets on them can be customized by adding pins, patches or stitchery to pockets and seams.

To complete an ensemble, cloth hats that are the same color as other parts of a uniform can be worn while preparing and serving food. The person who oversees a catering crew can wear a chef’s hat that has their name stitched across the front of it.

Calendars, Hats And Other Promotional Items

A business that sells promotional items can be contacted to order calendars, hats, cups or other items that have printing on them that will promote a business. Most people who attend social functions will be appreciative if they receive small gifts that they can take home with them. A business owner can hand out promotional items or they can suggest that individuals help themselves to the items that interest them.