What Cell Phone Would You Recommend?: A Look At Three Key Features Every Cell Phone Needs

Cellular phones have changed the way people communicate, and advancements in technology now allow the devices to do more than just take or make phone calls. The problem is that determining which cell phone is best for an individual is not always an easy decision. The following is a quick look at the three most popular features every cell phone user should have, and how they can make using a cell phone more convenient.

QWERTY Keyboard

Sometimes a standard phone call is not always the best way to communicate, which is why more and more people choose to utilize text messaging to convey messages to friends and loved ones. The problem is that cellular devices that don’t have a full QWERTY keyboard can make texting complicated. Be sure a phone has a standard keyboard feature so sending a text message can be a quick and easy process.

Emergency Dialing Features

A cell phone can be used to signal for help when an emergency arises, and one of the benefits of most modern devices is that they offer a shortcut to dialing an emergency number. Rather than having to unlock a phone and navigate to the standard keypad, a user can just press a designated button and summon for help. In an emergency seconds count, and a phone that is equipped with advanced emergency dialing can mean the difference between life and death.

GPS Access

Another great feature to have on a cell phone is GPS access, as it allows emergency responders as well as friends and family to pinpoint a person’s location. It can be confusing to determine where a person is located, but GPS is over 90 percent accurate in providing the exact location of a phone.This can make the difference in an emergency situation or when a person is trying to locate an elderly loved one.

So, what cell phone would you recommend? The answer to that questions isn’t easy as there are a variety of phones that provide top quality features which make them more convenient than ever before. Be sure to choose one that offers the features listed above, as they will ensure a device that provides safety and ease of use in one package.