Why Screen Printers And Embroiderers Should Check Out Shopworx

There are many different types of business software products available, and most of them are designed for general use by many types of companies. However, most businesses work more efficiently when the software they use is at least somewhat tailored to their specific business operations. Shopworx is a business software product for the embellished products industry, which includes screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, awards, and promotional products. The industry-specific software has several advantages.

First of all, the software was created by industry experts for the benefit of industry experts. The software was first developed to serve an apparel company that was not keeping up well with its rapid growth. The software it had been using wasn’t giving information about orders fast enough to keep up with sales, and the reports were full of bad information. Software products on the market were not well suited to the apparel industry’s needs, and this led the store owner to develop an in-house product that was refined over many years.

The current software provides solutions for every aspect of the embellished product industry. Components include sales and marketing, production management, order processing, shipping and receiving, purchasing and inventory, and finance and accounting. It offers some unique features as well. For example, the size matrix allows stores to input multiple sizes on a single line item. The design and artwork management feature lets a business store a variety of types of design information, like colors of ink or thread, thumbnails, and other design details. Vendor pricing allows a user to automatically download price lists from major vendors. There is also a pricing feature than can calculate a price based on industry-specific criteria like the number of stitches or ink colors in a product.

In addition, the software is designed to be simple and intuitive. Businesses who purchase the software report an increase in productivity, a faster response to orders, better scheduling, and lower inventory costs, to name a few advantages of the software. Through partnerships with other businesses, the software is also able to integrate credit card processing and orders from partner vendors. Interested business owners should check out www.shopworx.com.