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Top Amazing Facts About Cool Space Facts

This article includes some of the most cultural, historical and scientific facts about space that you probably didn’t know.

The first awesome fact about space is that it is completely silent. There is no atmosphere in space hence there is no medium for sound to travel to be heard. Also, for sound to travel, there has to be molecules to enable it travel through, however, space has large empty areas hence no molecules.

There are so many stars in the universe that are uncountable and no one knows the exact number. The universe is estimated to have 10 trillion galaxies and when that number is multiplied by the milk ways estimated 400 billion stars, then you a very large number of stars that is uncountable.

Another coll fact is that planet Mars shows some similarities with Earth and is believed to be hospitable to life. In order for life to thrive, there needs to be water and there are some research that have proven presence of a long supply of water in Mars. With the aim to determine whether life ever evolved on Mars, NASA conducted some research and found fossils of tiny living things recovered in a rock.

Neutron stars which are the smallest and densest stars in the universe can spin as fast as 600 times per second. These stars which are borne from a core-collapse star explosion can rotate up to 60 times per second just after they are born. They have a mass which is a few times that of the sun and t
hey spin fast because of their great physic.

It is believed that there are eight planets in the solar system, however, there is an interesting fact that there many other planets out there about the Cool Space Facts. These extrasolar planets are in orbit and can be found around another star. To date, almost 1800 planets have been confirmed as research goes on to identify which of these worlds is habitable.

Although the sun is considered an average size star, one million Earth’s would fit in it. The sun has a mass of 99.86% which is almost 330,000 times the mass of Earth. Therefore, one million Earths will be needed so that it can be the same size as the sun and it is therefore wise to understand the uranus facts.

Venus is the only planet that has a day longer than a year. This means that it takes 244.7 Earth days for Venus to rotate on it axis just once. However, it takes 243 days to rotate on its axis which is less compared to Earth’s 365.

When astronauts go to space, they do not use their feet to walk because the skin of the feet may peel off. Due to the micro-gravity environment, the skin of the feet becomes soft and starts to flake off.